What is this course about?

Leadership is undoubtedly one of the most important skills when managing a company or team.
A good leader is one who can disseminate the company’s culture, keep the employees involved, motivated and committed through effective communication so that his mission, values and vision are aligned with the goals of the teams.

What we’ll talk about

- Leadership.

- Who is a Leader?

- Communicating to lead.

- Communication styles.

- How to give and receive feedback.

Details & Pricing

Participants will also receive supporting materials and resources for further exploration beyond the training experience.


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3 weekly sessions or 5 weekly sessions


Marta Parreira & Rui Vieira

Marta Parreira - Clinical Neuropsychologist. Master in Clinical and Health Psychology at University of Minho. Post-graduate on Clinical Neuropsychology. Author and co-author of several oral and written communications in national and international congresses. MindPartner's CEO. Clinical Psychologist at NeuroGime. Rui Vieira - Master in Clinical and Health Psychology by University of Minho. Postgraduate in Clinical Neuropsychology. Neurotherapist.


€1062,5 (+ VAT) or €1812,5 (+ VAT) (20% discount for our partners)

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