What is this course about?

Psychosocial hazards are incredibly relevant in the modern working world.
They greatly affect employees’ motivation, productivity, engagement, and commitment and are widely recognized as major challenges to the occupational health.

This is why the identification and management of these risks is so important.

What we’ll talk about

- Health and well-being at work.

- Health effects resulting from psychosocial risk factors.

- Work nature, content and load.

- Working conditions.

- Work vs life balance.

- Socio relational work context.

- Psychosocial risk management.

- Prevention of psychosocial risks.

Details & Pricing


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3 weekly sessions or 10 weekly sessions


Marta Parreira

Clinical Neuropsychologist. Master in Clinical and Health Psychology at University of Minho. Post-graduate on Clinical Neuropsychology. Author and co-author of several oral and written communications in national and international congresses. MindPartner's CEO.


€1812,5 (+ VAT) or €3625 (+ VAT) (20% discount for our partners)

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