What is this workshop about?

We can’t see empathy; we just can feel it. Sometimes it’s difficult to identify empathy and recognize how this feeling is expressed in others. Even the most sympathetic person can lack empathy!

In this workshop, we are going to show you how empathy can be expanded throughout your lives: recognizing the obstacles of being empathic, broadening your perspectives about other people's experiences, and learning how to cultivate active listening and compassion.

What we’ll talk about

1. What empathy is and how can we foster it.

2. How our brain processes empathy.

3. The difference between cognitive empathy, emotional empathy and behavioral empathy.

4. The obstacles to being empathic.

5. How to broaden our empathy spectrum.

6. Self-compassion, active listening, and vulnerability as essential competencies.

Details & Pricing


Book with us!


60 min.


Dr. Rui Vieira

Clinical Psychologist at NeuroGime. Master in Clinical and Health Psychology by University of Minho. Postgraduate in Clinical Neuropsychology. Neurotherapist.


€345 + VAT (25% discount for our partners)

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