What is this workshop about?

Our emotions are such a big part of who we are and how we connect with others… and the way that we deal with them says a lot about ourselves! We all experience emotions of various kinds and therefore attempt to cope with these emotions in either effective or… ineffective ways. In this workshop we will talk about the different emotions, their role, and ways to better deal with them.

The emotional experience is important to everyone, but it is challenging sometimes. However, our emotional intelligence and agility can be nurtured and strengthened.

What we’ll talk about

- Emotions.

- How we can recognize them.

- Their role and function.

- Find out more about how we can identify when we are not engaging in healthy coping mechanisms.

- Emotional regulation.

- Learn about the different emotional regulation strategies such as: Self-Soothing techniques - diaphragmatic breathing, relaxation, grounding and Mindful Awareness Meditation, STOPP strategy.

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Ana Ramos

Master in Clinical and Health Psychology by the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences of the Porto University. Curricular internship at the Neuropsychology Unit at the Centro Hospitalar Universitário São João. Research Project "Long-Term Cognitive Outcomes in Parkinson's Disease after Deep Brain Stimulation" at Centro Hospitalar Universitário São João. Psychologist at NeuroGime.


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