What is this workshop about?

We live our daily lives on automatic pilot - lost in endless worries, avoiding our emotions, and stuck in impulsive and reactive behaviors. This damages our happiness and well-being as well as our relationships. Mindfulness enables us to get out of this unhealthy pattern and start to live a more conscious and enriched life.

Mindfulness means attention to the here and now, accepting things as they are, and facilitating a more connected life to what's important for us.

What we’ll talk about

- The concept of mindfulness (and its opposite).

- The difference between reacting and responding.

- Learn to put mindfulness into practice with experiential exercises.

- The different ways to be mindful in our daily lives.

- The benefits of this practice.

- Understand why we self-sabotage and self-criticize.

- Self-acceptance and self-compassion.

Details & Pricing


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Dr.ª Marta Ribas

Clinical Psychologist at NeuroGime. Master in Clinical and Health Psychology by University of Minho. Postgraduate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Postgraduate in Third-Generation Therapies.


€230 + VAT (20% discount for our partners)

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