Leadership is undoubtedly one of the most important skills when managing a company or team. A good leader is one who can disseminate the company’s culture, keep the employees involved, motivated and committed through effective communication so that his mission, values and vision are aligned with the goals of the teams.

With the aim of enhancing individual features and allowing a deeper knowledge of leadership, this course was developed based on the most recent scientific evidence in the area and with a very hands-on approach.

What we’ll talk about

Week 1: Leadership

1. Leadership – What is it?

2. Leadership Models

Week 2: The Leader

1. Leader – who is he?

    a. Manager vs. Leader

    b. Personality traits of a leader

    c. Conduct of a good leader

2. Leader – Who am I?

    a. Self-assessment of my leadership style

   b. Strengths and Weaknesses

3. Leadership styles

    a. Autocratic coercive

    b. Autocratic benevolent

    c. Consultative leadership

    d. Democratic participative

4. Reward power in the workplace

5. Triple Focus

    a. Inner Focus

    b. Other Focus

    c. Outer Focus

Week 3: The leader I am… The leader I want to be…

1. A good leader should…

    a. …make sure he’s surrounded by the right people

    b. …treat the employees well

    c. …be a facilitator

    d. …focus on key issues

    e. …manage all relationships, both external and internal

    f. …capitalize on all your wisdom

    g. …make goo, ethical, honest, and simple decisions

    h. …(really) listen

    i. …lead

Week 4: Communicating to lead

1. Communication

    a. Nonverbal and verbal communication

    b. Communication Styles

        - Assertive

        - Passive

        - Aggressive

        - Manipulative

2. Results associated to the different communication styles

3. Communication as crucial to relationships

    a. How to praise and encourage

    b. How to give positive and negative feedback

    c. How to solve conflicts

    d. How, when, and where should I communicate?

4. Facilitating practical activities on leadership and communication

Week 5: Emotional Intelligence

1. What is Emotional Intelligence: definition, advantages of being emotionally intelligent and self-assessment (Am I emotionally intelligent?)

2. Emotions: understanding emotions, differentiating emotions, communicating emotions

3. Self-knowledge and Emotional Management: how to better understand emotions in one's own

4. Empathy: How to better understand emotions in others

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