Work related stress is becoming increasingly recognized as one of the major challenges for the health of employees and their companies and organizations. When situations of constant stress are experienced, the capacity to be motivated and productive drops, causing difficulties in emotional management and in the relationships with others and with work itself. On the other hand, the organization is affected by not being able to retain talent or achieve and reach the stipulated goals.

A good balance between professional and personal life, an appropriate time management strategy and/or an efficient way of communicating are some of the aspects that enable the reduction of stress levels and the increase in the levels of well-being and productivity.

In this course, we are not going to talk about how to eliminate stress, but rather how we can manage it in the best way possible!

What we’ll talk about

Week 1: Work-Related Stress and Its Causes

1. Stress - what is it?

2. Work-related stress - what is it?

3. Work content:

    a. Work Load

    b. Work Rhythm

    c. Work Schedules

    d. Work Environment

    e. Participation and Control over work

4. Work context:

    a. Career development and work status

    b. Role within the company

    c. Interpersonal relationships

    d. Organizational culture

    e. Interface between work and personal contexts

Week 2: Effects of Work-Related Stress

1. Effects of stress on the employees

2. Effects of stress on the company

Week 3: Work-Related Stress - Problem Solving

1. (Re)designing the role:

    a. Changing work requirements

    b. Development of appropriate skills and knowledge

    c.Increased perceived control

    d. Quality of the support provided

2. Stress Management Techniques:

    a. Mindfulness,

    b. Time Management,

    c. Assertiveness Training

    d. Self-care

Week 4: Work-related stress prevention

1. Primary, secondary and tertiary prevention

2. Watch out for employees “in risk”

3. Satisfaction monitoring

4. Mental health responses

Week 5: Ways of managing stress

1. Prioritize

2. Using time in a smarter way

3. Prepare for the next morning the day before

4. Writing instead of relying on memory

5. “Breaking” tasks

6. Developing a sense of humor

7. Say no

8. Say yes

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