The practice of mindfulness has ancient roots, but its relevance in the modern world is more evident than ever. In an age of constant distractions, stress and anxiety, mindfulness offers an opportunity to slow down and connect with yourself.

In each group session, we will explore different aspects of mindfulness practice, from breathing techniques and body awareness to ways of dealing with thoughts and emotions.

What we’ll talk about

Week 1: Fundamentals of Mindfulness

1. Expectations and goals of the program

2. What Mindfulness is and what it isn't

3. Benefits of Mindfulness

4. Autopilot Vs. Being aware

Week 2: Connecting with the Present Moment

1. Contact with the here and now through the body, breath and senses

2. Experiential exercises to develop mindfulness

Week 3: Cognition & Mindfulness

1. Understanding the characteristics of thoughts and their relationship with emotions

2. How thoughts influence behavior

Week 4: Embracing emotions

1. Emotions and physical manifestations

2. Reacting Vs. Responding

Week 5: Acceptance and self-compassion

1. Accepting what I can't change and cultivating self-compassion

2. Inner speech Vs. Speech to others

3. Compassion for others

Week 6: Integration and Continuity

1. Sharing experiences

2. Strategies for maintaining mindfulness practice in everyday life

3. Experiential exercises

Additional resources

- Group sharing of experiences

- Experiential exercises

- Guided meditations sent out every week

- Weekly challenges

- Chat for questions and sharing

Details & Pricing


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1 weekly session


750€ + VAT (25% discount for partners)

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