What is this workshop about?

Burnout manifests itself in different ways, depending on the person: mental and physical exhaustion, depression, anxiety, physical symptoms, mood swings, irritability, concentration difficulties, sleep disturbances, lower self-esteem and lack of professional fulfillment can be some of its manifestations.

In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn about burnout, its causes and effects, recognizing its main symptoms and signs, so that you can identify them in yourself and in others. You will also have the opportunity to explore some individual strategies and practices that promote mental health.

What we’ll talk about

1. Burnout – the 21st century epidemic

    a. What is it?

    b. What are its causes?

    c. What are its consequences?

2. Recognising signs and symptoms of burnout, in myself and in others

    a. Analyse work overload

    b. Assessing control

    c. Distinguishing the effect of values

    d. Analyse the effect of job-person incongruence

    e. Analyse the existence of a highly stressful work environment

    f. Recognising the impostor syndrome

3. Practical strategies for preventing burnout and reducing the impact of stress

    a. The importance of resilience

    b. The importance of self-care

    c. The difference between stress and stressors

    d. Meditation and mindfulness

    e. Developing clear boundaries

    f. Cultivating a life rich in interests and relationships

Details & Pricing


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60 min.


live stream
in person

Upon request

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