What is this workshop about?

Conflict can happen when you least expect it - between colleagues, partners or family members. Why is that? Because whenever there is an interpersonal relationship there is room for divergent and antagonistic ideas, interests, attitudes or feelings to arise between people who are different and unique! And it's important to understand that conflict isn't necessarily good... or bad. It is inevitable. And so we need to understand the best way to manage and resolve these conflicts, always considering the outcome we want from that particular situation.

In this workshop, we'll dive into a journey of understanding what conflict really means, analyzing the main causes and consequences of conflicts, and how they can affect both team dynamics and organizational results. In this way, we will explore the different styles of conflict and discuss a variety of conflict resolution and management strategies.

What we’ll talk about

1. What is a conflict?

2. Conflict vs. collaboration

3. What are the causes and consequences of conflict?

4. What are the different styles of conflict?

5. How do they start and why?

6. How can we prevent, understand and settle them?

7. The Thomas-Kilmann model of conflict resolution

8. Strategies for conflict resolution and management

Details & Pricing


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60 min.


live stream
in person

Upon request

25% discount for partners
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