Ergonomics for the Body, Relaxation for the Mind: Strategies to Promote Well-Being in the Workplace

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What is this workshop about?

In the workplace, the mental and physical health of employees is increasingly recognized as an extremely valuable asset for companies, and ergonomics plays a crucial role in promoting comfort, productivity and satisfaction at work.

During this workshop, we will explore the relationship between ergonomics and mental well-being, highlighting the importance of a work environment that promotes healthy postures and ergonomic practices. From preventing musculoskeletal injuries to relieving stress, we will address the ergonomic risk factors that can negatively affect employees and the strategies to minimize these impacts. Throughout the workshop, we will carry out practical demonstrations of ergonomic postures and body awareness exercises, providing participants with tangible tools to promote comfort and mental health during their work activities.

What we’ll talk about

1. Ergonomics in the mental well-being of employees

    a. What it is and its importance in the workplace

2. The importance of ergonomics in preventing musculoskeletal injuries and relieving stress

3. Identifying ergonomic risk factors

    a. Inadequate postures

    b. Repetitive movements

    c. Prolonged use of devices

    d. Unsuitable working environment

4. Demonstration of ergonomic postures to promote comfort and mental health during work activities

    a. Body awareness exercises

    b. Practical stretching exercises

    c. Relaxation techniques

5. Adapting the work environment

    a. Ergonomic office

    b. Work organization (furniture, equipment, lighting)

    c. Use of ergonomic equipment

6. Personal Action Plan and Organizational Ergonomic Culture

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60 min.


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