What is this workshop about?

One of the fundamental aspects of our human interactions is the ability to understand and connect with the feelings and experiences of others. Empathy is an essential skill that allows us to enter the emotional world of others, offering support, understanding and solidarity.

In this workshop we will show how empathy can be strengthened and developed throughout our lives - by recognizing what obstacles prevent us from being empathetic, broadening our perspectives on the experiences of others and learning to cultivate active listening and compassion. This workshop is an opportunity to deepen our understanding of empathy, expand our capacities for human connection and cultivate more meaningful and rewarding relationships.

What we’ll talk about

1. What empathy is

2. The brain and empathy

    a. How the brain processes empathy

3. Types of empathy

    a. Cognitive empathy

    b. Emotional empathy

    c. Behavioral empathy

4. Obstacles that prevent us from being empathetic

5. Strategies to broaden our empathy spectrum

    a. Self-compassion

    b. Active listening

    c. Vulnerability

Details & Pricing


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60 min.


live stream
in person

Upon request

25% discount for partners
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