Fast Paced Work Environments Vs. Healthy Brains and Healthy People

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What is this workshop about?

In today's fast-paced work environment, being productive, delivering quickly, and failing - okay, but failing fast and learning even faster - are essential rules that govern the work environment.

In this workshop, we will explore the wonders and the thrill of creating something new, and disruptive, of going “Far and beyond” while also considering the negative effects of working non-stop. In a very practical but also comprehensive approach, will explore some of the backstage information regarding our relation with work and how to prevent the adverse effects of doing marathons of what should be sprints. By breaking down stigmas, eliminating barriers and fostering an environment of open communication, we propose to approach this topic without taboos and understand how we can be productive and, at the same time, take care of our mental health and well-being. Join us to discover how you can thrive in this, for most of us, complex relationship with work.

What we’ll talk about

1. Let’s face the truth

    a. The real challenges of fast-paced work environments

    b. One step closer to understanding the relationship between man and work

2. Impact of chronic stress on the brain and health

    a. What is stress and anxiety

    b. Differentiating between stress and stressors

3. Burnout: the elephant in the room

    a. What is it and how can we recognize it in ourselves and others

    b. How can we anticipate it: looking at organizational factors

4. Why is it so difficult to unplug

    a. Inferiority scheme

    b. Perfectionism scheme

    c. Impostor Syndrome

    d. The difficulty of saying no

    e. 24/7 access/availability

5. Practical strategies to prevent burnout and reduce the impact of stress

    a. The importance of self-knowledge and resilience

    b. Know how to listen and accept emotions

    c. Explore the concept of vulnerability

    d. Set and communicate clear boundaries

    e. Nurture a self-care routine

    f. Explore emotional coping strategies

    g. Cultivate self-compassion

    h. Nurture your interests and relationships

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60 min.


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