Healthy Body, Healthy Mind - Exploring the link between physical and emotional well-being

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What is this workshop about?

We've heard the saying "a healthy body in a healthy mind" for a long time, and it couldn't be more right. There is a deep connection between our body and our mind, and this connection greatly influences our overall well-being.

In this workshop, we will explore the body-mind connection, and then look at the physiology of stress to understand how the nervous system responds to stress and what effects it has on our body and mind. In addition, we will explore how our emotions influence our physical state, our diet and our sleep, and how sleep, diet and exercise influence our emotions.

What we’ll talk about

1. Body-mind connection

    a. How this connection is established

    b. Importance of body-mind integration for overall well-being

2. Physiology of stress

    a. Autonomic nervous system and the stress response

    b. Effects of chronic stress on the body and mind

3. Impact of Emotions on Physical Health

    a. How emotions influence physical health

    b. Psychosomatic symptoms and other conditions

4. Physical exercise and mental health

    a. Benefits of physical exercise for mental health

    b. Suggestion of activities that promote mental health

5. Nutrition and mental health

    a. Relationship between diet and mental health

    b. Gut - the second brain

    c. Foods that impact on mood and cognitive function

6. Sleep and mental health

    a. The relationship between sleep and mental health

    b. Why we're not sleeping well

    c. Tips for good sleep hygiene

7. A holistic approach to emotional well-being

    a. Integrating physical and emotional care for holistic health

    b. Practical application of the body-mind connection

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60 min.


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