Healthy Brain, Healthy Mind - Promoting Mental and Brain Health

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What is this workshop about?

It is increasingly important to take care of our brain health in order to improve our cognitive performance and general well-being by identifying strategies that promote a healthy mind. On this journey, we invite you to unravel the fascinating world of the brain, the epicenter of our existence and which allows us to experience the world around us. Understanding how it works and the factors that can affect its health is fundamental to promoting well-being.

Throughout this workshop we will explore the intersection between brain health and mental health, analyzing the main factors that can affect brain health and cognitive function. In addition, we will delve into the protective factors of cognition, such as physical exercise, proper nutrition or sleep hygiene.

What we’ll talk about

1. Unraveling the fascinating world of the brain

    a. How the brain works

    b. Why it's essential to look after it

2. Main factors that can affect brain health

3. Brain Health Vs. Mental Health

4. Protective factors for brain health

    a. Physical exercise

    b. Diet and nutrition

    c. Sleep and rest

    d. Mental activity

    e. Stress management

5. Strategies to promote brain health

    a. Move to think better

    b. Feed your brain (and second brain)

    c. Sleep well, think better

    d. Challenge your brain

    e. Master stress

    f. Get involved socially

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60 min.


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