At least 70% of people experienced the Impostor Cycle and Fraudulent Feelings, one or more times in their lifespan. The Impostor Cycle is a thinking pattern linked to our performance abilities and work contexts, that do not constitute a psychopathological problem, even though, its progression leads to real consequences in the physical and emotional well-being of the self-proclaimed impostors, blocking their professional growth. In a reality where our poor mental health related to work is a rising issue, bringing to conscience our thinking patterns that influence our work performance and well-being, as well as developing strategies to break these cycles, are important skills to have!

What we’ll talk about

1. What is Impostor Syndrome?

2. Types of Impostor Syndrome

3. What type of impostor am I?

4. Possible precedents and precipitants factors?

5. What is the typical cycle of thinking and behaviour of Impostor Syndrome?

6. What are the characteristics of the Impostor, symptoms and consequences?

7. What strategies can I use to break the cycle and improve our performance and, consequently, our well-being?

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60 min.


Dra. Joana Ferreira

Clinical Psychologist. Master in Psychology (area of specialization Clinical and Health) by the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences of the University of Porto. Experience and training in the area of evaluation and neuropsychological rehabilitation. Professional experience in psychological and neuropsychological intervention with geriatric population. Certified trainer.


€390 + VAT (25% discount for partners)

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