Including Inclusion: Promoting Inclusive Work Environments

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What is this workshop about?

It is increasingly important to have inclusive and welcoming working environments for all employees. Inclusion goes far beyond being a mere trend or corporate policy - it is undoubtedly a fundamental pillar for building strong and resilient teams and organizational cultures. By embracing diversity of thought, experience and identity, companies can reap many benefits.

This workshop aims to deconstruct prejudices and stereotypes that can undermine inclusion efforts, allowing us to identify and address unconscious biases, examine communication practices and explore the importance of including sometimes marginalized people who face many challenges in the workplace.

What we’ll talk about

1. Inclusion and its importance in the corporate environment

    a. Benefits of inclusion for the company and its employees

    b. Overview of the principles and values of inclusion

2. Deconstructing prejudices and stereotypes

    a. Identifying unconscious prejudices

    b. Raising awareness of stereotypes in the workplace

3. Promoting Diversity and Inclusive Communication

    a. Communication practices that promote inclusion

    b. Appropriate language and behavior

    c. Conflict resolution and managing differences

4. Importance of including marginalized populations

    a. LGBTQI+ groups

    b. People with disabilities

    c. Ethnic and racial minorities

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60 min.


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