What is this workshop about?

Workplace harassment is a phenomenon that can have an impact on employee productivity, job satisfaction and commitment. Both moral and sexual harassment have devastating consequences for the victims at various levels, but they also leave deep scars on organisations. This problem is still scarcely explored in Portugal, but knowing about it enables us to adopt measures to prevent and combat harassment practices. Harassing behaviours are often justified with phrases such as "It was just a joke".

In this workshop we will discover that "It was not just a joke" and also what measures we can adopt when we are victims or witnesses of harassment situations.

What we’ll talk about

Part I - It was just a joke... - Understanding Harassment

1. How is the mental health of companies in Portugal?

    a. Harassment as a problem that impacts on mental health in companies

2. What is harassment?

3. Types of harassment

    a. Moral harassment: definition, expressions and the most striking forms

    b. Sexual harassment: definition, expressions and the most common forms

4. Most frequent causes of harassment in the workplace

5. Reactions of the victims of harassment

6. Consequences of harassment

7. Who are the most frequent victims and perpetrators?

8. Organizational contexts more prone to the occurrence of harassment

Part II - It was not just a joke ... Now what? - Preventing and Tackling Harassment

1. Cultural differences - what is the role of cultural characteristics in different perceptions and interpretations of what harassing behaviours are?

2. Warning signs - behaviours to look out for in order to identify possible victims or perpetrators

3. How to create a protective organisational culture?

4. What can I do if I am being harassed?

    a. The importance of evidence

    b. Informal settlement

    c. Formal complaint - internal rules of conduct, if applicable

5. What can I do if I witness harassment or am approached for assistance?

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