It's all about balance: the importance of harmony between Life and Work

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In an increasingly fast-paced and demanding world, finding the balance between our responsibilities at work and at home can seem like a very challenging task. This workshop has been developed to provide practical tools and strategies to help you navigate these challenges.

Throughout this workshop, we will look at the most common challenges when trying to balance professional and personal responsibilities. We will identify the typical conflicts that arise when the demands of work and personal life clash, as well as the potential consequences of these conflicts on our mental health. Afterwards, we will explore practical strategies for managing these conflicts and prioritizing our responsibilities more effectively.

What we’ll talk about

1. Challenges in balancing personal and professional life

2. Definition of work/life balance

3. Identifying work-life conflicts and their consequences

4. Balancing priorities to reduce feelings of guilt at work and at home

    a. What are your priorities?

    b. Allow yourself to completely disconnect from work when you're away from it

    c. Dealing with feelings of guilt and not doing enough

    d. Values - what is really important to me?

5. Learning to value time and setting limits

    a. It's ok to say "no" and to be assertive about it

    b. Value your time and the time of others

    c. Maximizing time at work

6. Change of perspective to respond more efficiently to challenges and stress

7. Connecting body and emotions

8. What am I besides a mother/father? What am I besides a worker?

9. Strategies for increasing work/life balance:

    a. Coping with and managing stress - physical exercise, relaxation techniques

    b. Take care of your health

    c. The role of family and social support

    d. Self-compassion

    e. Setting goals

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60 min.


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