Mind in Action - Strategies for Maximizing Cognitive Potential

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What is this workshop about?

In today's world, where information flows quickly and demands are constant, cognitive performance has become more important than ever. It influences our ability to learn, solve problems, make decisions and achieve our personal and professional goals.

Throughout this workshop, we will cover the main components of cognitive performance, influencing memory and attention, and we will discuss a variety of practical strategies that can be implemented on a daily basis to maximize our cognitive potential.

What we’ll talk about

1. Introduction to cognitive performance

    a. The importance of cognitive performance

    b. Self-assessment of cognitive performance

    c. Importance of the cognitive buffer

2. Main components of cognitive performance

    a. Memory

    b. Attention

    c. Executive functions

    d. Processing speed

    e. Language

3. Practical strategies to maximize cognitive potential

    a. Managing time pressure

    b. Pomodoro Technique, 52-17 Technique and Pyramid Technique

    c. “Eat That Frog”

    d. Ivy Lee technique

    e. 2-Minute Rule Method

    f. Inbox Zero

    g. Selective Attention Exercises

    h. Mnemonic strategies

        i. Spaced review

        ii. Association

        iii. Visualization

    i. Healthy lifestyle: nutrition, sleep and exercise

    j. Brain activation exercises

    k. Relaxation and stress reduction techniques

    l. Social involvement

4. Development of a personal cognitive performance plan

    a. Self-assessment of current cognitive performance and identification of areas for improvement

    b. Setting goals and objectives to optimize cognitive performance

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60 min.


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