Several countries point loneliness as a public health problem. However, this is a topic that, most of the time, we don't want to talk or think about.

In this workshop, we will address the incredible power of connection with others, the importance of relationships and deconstruct the concept of loneliness and its consequences. “What if I feel alone? What if I see someone I care about withdrawing and isolating themselves? How did/did you get here? And now? What can I do?". These are some answers that you will find in this workshop, expanding our vision on how to prevent and intervene in the barriers of social connection.

What we’ll talk about

1. What is the essence of loneliness?

2. Is loneliness a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic?

3. The importance of social connection and time spent with others

4. Attachment theory: why are we "predisposed" to connect with others

5. The power of oxytocin

6. If the search for another is essential ... Then how does loneliness evolve?

7. The solitude alarm system

8. Barriers to social connection

9. Why is it so difficult to make friends after a certain age?

10. Strategies to overcome barriers to social connection

11. Isn't it enough to just make new friends?

12. Empathic listening

13. More presence, less social media

Details & Pricing


Coming Soon


60 min.


Dr.ª Marta Ribas

Clinical Psychologist at NeuroGime and MindPartner. Master in Clinical and Health Psychology by University of Minho. Postgraduate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Postgraduate in Third-Generation Therapies.


€360 + VAT (25% discount for partners)

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