Each person has in his or her own psychological structure a set of traits, which are referred to as personality. Sometimes, when people interact with others and with the organisation, conflicts, communication problems or interaction difficulties may arise that may originate from their personalities. The better these differences are properly understood and managed, the better the results and productivity of a company will be.

Identifying the main personality types that can be found in the workplace, as well as the main challenges arising from each one, can allow you to recognise your strengths and weaknesses and to organise your work and career based on this self-knowledge. Furthermore, being able to identify the personality of colleagues or co-workers can also bring advantages in the interaction and business dynamics, allowing you to understand and improve interpersonal relationships.

What we’ll talk about

- The value of personality in organisations

- Personality and personality traits

- How the personality type influences the leadership style

- Personality disorders

- Narcissists: Magic Mirror on the wall, am I the best one of all?

- Corporate psychopaths: the absence of empathy in the workplace

- Dark Triad

- Who are the main victims of toxic personalities?

- Personality and leadership - what makes a bad co-worker or leader

- Personality and leadership - what makes a good co-worker or leader

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Dra. Marta Parreira

Clinical Neuropsychologist. Master in Clinical and Health Psychology at University of Minho. Post-graduate on Clinical Neuropsychology. Author and co-author of several oral and written communications in national and international congresses. MindPartner's CEO.


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