Professional Relations & Mental Health - The importance of corporate love

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What is this workshop about?

Love. Can it and/or should it also be present in the business context? Knowing the importance of love in business - love for what you do, the project and the people you work with - is half the battle towards developing a fulfilling career and preserving mental health. There are various symptoms of lack of love that are sometimes evident in the business context at various levels, for example in leadership, communication, company culture or the profile of employees.

In this workshop, we will talk about the importance of organizational culture, the symptoms and consequences of corporate disaffection and, finally, strategies that can improve professional relationships and contribute to a more productive, happy and inspiring environment.

What we’ll talk about

1. The value of love in companies

2. Inadequate organisational culture and its impact on mental health

    a. Culture of fear, guilt and lack of responsibility

    b. Inconsistency and unpredictability

    c. Pressure for outcomes

    d. Unhealthy competition

    e. Role conflict

    f. Work-family imbalance

    g. Discrimination and harassment

    h. Toxic, dull or uninspiring leadership

    i. Communication issues

    j. People and process management problems

    k. Problems in dealing with certain individuals

3. Symptoms and consequences arising from corporate disaffection

    a. Psychological consequences

    b. Physical consequences

    c. Social consequences

    d. Work-related consequences

4. Strategies to improve professional relationships

    a. Myself and the other

    b. Communication as the key to relationships

    c. Active listening, practicality and transparency in communication

    d. Change of enterprise culture

    e. Organisation of processes and valorisation of resources

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60 min.


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