How many times in our lives have we felt that we couldn't be truly authentic and transparent when communicating our opinions, intentions and emotions? Unfortunately it is not always easy to be assertive... it often requires a lot of effort and energy, since being assertive is not only a way of communicating but it is also an intrinsic attitude... But the advantages are countless! In fact, assertiveness allows us to demonstrate respect for others as well as for ourselves, showing that we recognise our value and the value of our thoughts and feelings.

Ready to find out more about this? And to really understand how to work on our assertiveness?

What we’ll talk about

1. Communication in interpersonal relationships

2. Fight, Flight or Be assertive!

3. Assertive behaviour

    a. Am I assertive?

    b. What is assertive behaviour and why is it useful?

    c. And when we are not assertive? - Passive, aggressive and manipulative behaviour

4. How did I learn to behave in a non-assertive way?

    a. Punishment

    b. Reinforcement

    c. Modelling

    d. Lack of opportunities

    e. Cultural patterns

    f. Uncertainty about own rights

5. As humans, we have rights and responsibilities

6. How to defend my rights without violating the rights of others

7. Assertively dealing with fear, failure and disappointment

8. Strategies to promote assertiveness

    a. How to express well-founded opinions

    b. Thoughts, emotions and self-confidence regulation

    c. To be clear, concise and specific

    d. Using first person sentences

    e. Empathize

    f. Respecting others

    g. Asking others to change their behaviour

    h. Proposing to change

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60 min.


Dra. Ana Ramos

Master in Clinical and Health Psychology by the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences of the Porto University. Curricular internship at the Neuropsychology Unit at the Centro Hospitalar Universitário São João. Research Project "Long-Term Cognitive Outcomes in Parkinson's Disease after Deep Brain Stimulation" at Centro Hospitalar Universitário São João. Psychologist at NeuroGime and MindPartner.


€350 + VAT (25% discount for partners)

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