What is this workshop about?

The role of father, mother or caregiver is characterized by a great sense of love, dedication... and also doubt! These challenges experienced in the family dynamic and routine have an impact on mental health and, consequently, on the productivity, motivation and readiness of employees in their day-to-day work in companies, which is why they are also important issues for the companies themselves.

Throughout this workshop, we will explore an approach that values respect and effective communication in order to promote children's emotional well-being and healthy development. We will explore the benefits associated with positive parenting for both parents and children.

What we’ll talk about

1. Positive Parenting: What is it? How does it apply?

2. Positive Parenting vs Conscious Parenting

3. Parenting Styles: Which parent will I be?

    a. Authoritarian

        i. Definition

        ii. Punishments or consequences?

    b. Democratic

        i. Definition

        ii. Impact of praise

    c. Permissive

        i. Definition

        ii. Child "with too much pampering" or without limits?

4. Physical punishment: what for?

5. Strategies

    a. Rules and limits

    b. Break time

    c. Actively ignoring

    d. Natural and logical consequences

6. What do I need to put into practice?

7. Benefits

Details & Pricing


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60 min.


live stream
in person

Upon request

25% discount for partners
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