Anxiety can change our world, making everything seem scary and unbearable. Despite our efforts to get rid of it, it stubbornly persists and seems to grow larger.

In this workshop, we will explore how anxiety can manifest, what may be contributing to its persistence, and the scientifically-backed treatments that are available. Our goal is to help you make peace with anxiety by learning how to take care of it in a way that won't weigh you down in your daily life.

What we’ll talk about

1. When anxiety is your friend

2. Why anxiety persists - the anxiety rational and the role of avoidance

3. Expressions of Anxiety

  - Cognitive (Automatic negative thoughts; cognitive distortions; rumination);

   - Physical/Somatic;

  - Behavioral;

4. Anxiety in all its forms

   - When panic attacks occur at work;

   - When performance anxiety appears at work;

   - When obsessions-compulsions appear at work;

   - When generalized anxiety appears at work;

5. What evidence-based treatments are available?

6. Maintenance Factors

   - Safety/Avoidance strategies;

   - Intolerance to uncertainty;

   -  Positive beliefs about worry;

   - Internal Dialogue;

   - Draining lifestyle;

   - Unstructured Routine;

7. How can I take care of my anxiety?

   - Knowing how to listen and to respect yourself

   - Emotional regulations strategies

   - The role of self-care

   - The role of connection to others

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Dr.ª Ana Sofia Silva

Clinical Psychologist. Master in Psychology (Clinical and Health specialization area) by Minho University. Post-graduation in Crisis, Emergency and Catastrophe Intervention by the Portuguese Institute of Psychology and other Sciences. Advanced Specialization in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies by the same Institute. Post-graduation in Evaluation in Forensic Psychology.


€265 + VAT (20% discount for partners)

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