What is this workshop about?

Women (still) face specific challenges in the corporate environment. By addressing these issues, from historical barriers to contemporary challenges - such as pay equity or harassment - this workshop aims to empower trainees to know, face and overcome obstacles that may arise for them.

This workshop aims to increase understanding of the challenges faced by women and delve into the skills and competencies that are fundamental to professional success, with a view to providing a space to share experiences and insights to promote gender equality and empower women to reach their full professional potential.

What we’ll talk about

1. Challenges for women in the corporate environment

    a. Historical and social barriers

    b. Progress and achievements

    c. The role of gender equality policies

2. Skills and competencies for professional success

   a. Leadership development

    b. Effective communication

    c. Negotiation and influence

3. Work-life balance

    a.Time management and priorities

    b. Family support

    c. Community support

4. Challenges for women in the world of work

    a. Pay equity

    b. Promotion opportunities

    c. Maternity and parental leave

    d. Harassment and discrimination

    e. Organizational culture

    f. Gender stereotypes and unconscious bias

    g. Self-confidence and imposter syndrome

Details & Pricing


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60 min.


live stream
in person

Upon request

25% discount for partners
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