Life’s ever-growing pace in developed countries is becoming gradually more incompatible with the idea of rest. Resting means wasting time. In an ever more demanding society, laying still with your eyes shut for 8 hours without doing any movement seems some kind of a crime, and an open attack on productivity. Sleeping is often seen as big waste of time and we struggle to find logical reasons that justify the survival of this ritual throughout evolution.

On this workshop, we will explore what sleep is, what happens during our body while we sleep and the reason it is so important for our survival. We’ll talk about the importance of sleep for our emotional regulation, cognitive functioning, cardiovascular health, immune system, cancer and even… Productivity! Our hopes are that, at the end of this workshop, you’ll find the idea of sleeping 5 hours to increase productivity as ridiculous as we do!

What we’ll talk about

- What is sleep?

a. Circadian rhythms: cortisol, melatonin, adenosine... and caffeine?

b. Sleep stages

c. Sleep changes throughout life

d. Chronotypes: why does the bird gets more respect than the bat?

- Mother’s advices and why we need to follow them

a. Sleep deprivation and the brain

b. Sleep deprivation and cancer

c. Sleep deprivation and cardiovascular health

d. Sleep deprivation and weight/diabetes

e. Sleep deprivation and reproduction system

f. Sleep deprivation and immune system

- Oneiric analyses: what’s the meaning of your dream?

a. REM sleep and dreams

b. Dreams’ contents

c. Dreams and emotional regulation

d. Dreams and creativity

- Sleep and companies productivity

- Twelve rules to improve my sleep

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Dr. Rui Vieira

Clinical Psychologist at NeuroGime and Hospital da Luz de Guimarães. Master in Psychology by Universidade do Minho. Post graduate in Clinical Neuropsychology. Certified Neurofeedback therapist


€282 + VAT (20% discount for partners)

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